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offering healthy, home-raised Springer Spaniel puppies for sale to carefully screened puppy buyers. 
Jillfarm Springers - English Springer Spaniels in Ontario Canada

I specialize in Tri or three coloured English Springer Spaniels. 

Welcome to my site.  I lovingly home raise English Springer Spaniel pups for families and companions.  Our pups are sold to people that appreciate the characters and loving natures of Springers.

We call our dogs Velcro dogs.  If you wish a freind to always be beside you, and love you unconditionally then you are in the right place.  Our dogs come from Champion lines and are in our home, not in an isolated kennels.  Our dogs are bench bred springers, not field springers.  

We now have 8 dogs, of varieing ages.  7 of them are springers!  Plus one cat that I swear thinks he is a dog!
Little Buddy or LB as I call him, thinks it is his job to educate the pups and help them understand Cat-attudes! 

We are welcoming a new dog to our family, Moose, my daughter's pup, a chocolate lab cross.  She is only young yet, and is a handful, but we love her!

First we have our Gia, the Grand Dam of our lines.  She is past the age of having pups now, so she is spayed, and her place is usually about 2 feet away from me.   I love her dearly.  She is almost 12 this year so she is playing Grandma to all our dogs.  She washes faces and calms arguements between the younger dogs.  Funny how grandma's do that!

She and her sister, Briar, are the dogs in my banner.  Briar now lives in the far north and is very happy being the only dog in a family.

Next we have Gia's daughter, Bella.  She is a beautiful dog, very loving, and sweet.   She is a good mum, and is easy going.  I have never seen her have a problem with a person or a dog.  Her dad is Magiver, a European springer.  no longer living here but always loved. 

And our stud, Piper's Jaxson at Jillfarm. He has been the father to our litters. He is a stunning black and white with tan markings, tri coloured English Springer Spaniel from Missouri. Jax is such a beauty, and he is as gentle and loving as he is beautiful. Very laid back nature. If he likes you he will end up sitting on your feet and giving you a springer yawn...LOL!   He is from Piper's Springers In Missouri...thank you Dedra!

Then we have our Piper.  She is also from Piper's Springers in Missouri, and fittingly named to reflect her heritage from Piper's Springers.  I now have a dear friend, Dedra, that raised and loved her and our Jax.  Piper is a great mum and in 2013 will have a fall litter.  You can see her past pups and what beauties they all are!   She is just a ball of energy and love.  Full of attitude and curiosity.  Her nature is so inquisitive and loving.  She will pretty much do back flips to get your attention!  

Next  we have Neveah, from Carhan's Springers in Canada.  She is a real character, and loves us all.  She is spoiled, persistant, and very affectionate.  Simply a beautiful little tri coloured girl.  Black white and tan.   She is a loving mum, patient and proud of all her wee ones.  You can see the past pups she has raised on her page. 

As well, we have two sisters, Serene and Kiia, out of DoubleL kennels.     Both again, black and white tri coloured springers.  Simply lovely.  Serene is a busy girl, curious and loves her walks and playing with all the other dogs.  She is very smart and figures things out quickly!  And just loves to be cuddled and petted and made a fuss over.  She is an excellent mum and all her pups are little butter balls!  She has also proven to be a great Auntie and is so excited with new pups, from any other dog come out to play.  They all love her.  And I swear she smiles!  What a happy girl she is!

Her sister, Kiia, is also a goregous girl.  Kiia is a sensitive girl, very sweet and loving.  She is a calm girl, and she is simply beautiful.  So sweet and caring.  She just loves caring for all the pups we have had here.  She and her sister have much experiance playing aunties to them all!  They get so excited knowing new pups are here and cannot wait to see them, much to the new mums' chagrin!    Kiia reminds me very much of my old girl, Gia.
To see pictures of all our crew take a look under Our Dogs and see how they grew...lots of fun...and high jinx!

 We do not agree with raising English Springer Spaniel pups in cages. Ours are well socialized, loved and cuddled as all babies need.  We have found this produces healthier, more loving, well balanced dogs with an understanding of how to behave with people and in a home.  It gets very chaotic here at times, but it is wonderful and such fun having pups under foot! 

All our pups are vet checked for perfect health, tattooed and innoculated with all the first shots, as well as wormed twice.  We dock the tails and do their dew claws at 3 to 5 days old.  If you wish your pup's tail NOT docked you must tell us right away and pick your pup and pay for them pior to this.  If a pups tail is NOT docked and is done later in life, it is major surgery and will cost much more to do later on.  This is kind of like circumsizing a new born...if done early, there is nothing to it and it does not hurt much at all.  Once older, well, ask any man how that would go over for them!   

Once your pup is chosen and picked up, they will be registered by Canadian Kennel Club in the name of your choice.  Our pups are sold on non breeding contracts, which means they must be neutered or spaid and are not to be bred.  This is to protect the dogs from unwanted pups.  And also prevents many hormone based illenesses, such as some cancers. 

We also offer a 2 year genetic health guarantee. This is for your protection.  We do our best to screen our dogs.  They all come from generations of dogs that are healthy and well, still, in most cases.  Our older dog's parents lived long lives, but have past on, as is normal, from old age. 

Each girl will have one litter a year, if all goes well.  And I usually have half spoken for before birth.  So if you wish one of our pups, please do let me know by subscribing to the site or by emailing me at jill.muntean@bell.net  as the email on this site does not always work. 

Please email me at: jill.muntean@bell.net.  The other one is not working.

If you wish a pup and have subscribed or asked to be on my list, if I contact you I must here from you when I contact you, as others are waiting too, or you will be removed.  

My English Springer Spaniels are recommended to families and friends of past pups by the owners.  Many of our pup families loved them so much they now have 2. 

If for any reason you can no longer care properly for your dog at any time, we will take them back to rehome them, as per our agreement. 

Life has changed in the last year, it has been a difficult time for my family.

My dear mother has had to be put into long term care.  After 22 years of caring for her, it became unsafe for her to live here...and it has been very tough on me.

This year, just before Christmas my dear Mum passed on.  I miss her so...

She now is in heaven with her brothers and parents.  My Mum was 90 years old.  She is always in my heart. 

As well, my relationship has ended.  Not a happy time at all, but we go on from here.

Life goes on, and my dogs' help me cope with it all, and realize life is about Change...and without it, there is no life.

Enjoy my dog kids and the love I share with them...I hope they make you smile!


July 2013


Our Pack, and some of our pups!

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Please email me at: jill.muntean@bell.net.  The other one is not working.

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