Bronson Baird

Hi Jill,

Thank you so much for emailing us the website. We are so thankful to have Bronson and you were exactly right when you said they are Velcro Dogs. I work from home doing web design and Bronson lays by my feet all day and when I get up he gets up. He follows us everywhere. He even lays outside the bathroom door when you take a shower!! My daughter and him are the best of friends and she loves him so much. Bronson is really good with her as well with other kids. He still is VERY shy with people when he first meets them especially men.  After he knows them he can cuddle right up. He talks back to us all the time, if I leave for a bit, I am greeted with a great big smile, his whole top lip goes up and he shows his full set of teeth smiling and then he starts howling at us (I call it yelling at us for leaving). I can't tell you the joy he has brought to our lives.

Take care..

Brenda Baird

Chase McCarthy

Hi Jill

We are so happy to have Chase. He is one special dog. We do know the meaning of Velcro dog. We had a black and white Springer for 14 years and he was just like Chase, stuck to you. These dogs will go any where you go and have to touch you. We love this. Chase is a very unique dog. He loves to go on the ATV, Sea-doo, ski-doo. He swims like you have never seen before, Dives off the diving board, climbs the dock ladder. Chase goes every day to a dog care center in North Bay called Best Care.
He absolutely loves his day care center and friends. If you have a chance check this center out.    Darlene and her husband are unbelievable dog care givers. ( Thank you Darlene and Norman Sacher)  Chase is so smart that he has figured out how to open both our vehicle windows. Jill, you breed absolute excellent springers, and we have had lots of poeple comment on Chases looks, smarts and behavior.

Thank you for this gift.

Kerry and Angie McCarthy